~ Cat Puke ~

It started on Friday afternoon.  Quiet at first; so much so that I wouldn’t have noticed at all if I hadn’t stepped in it.

It got worse overnight, more frequently and loud enough to wake me from a sound sleep.

Nothing will get your attention faster than a cat retching into your clean laundry basket at 2:00 in the morning.

Why do they always heave 4 times before they actually produce a chunk of vomit? Why is that?

I called the vet at Noon.  We talked over options and decided to wait and see if he was still sick on Monday.  By that night he was so tired and dehydrated that after he retched he would just lay down right there in the puke.

He’d stopped cleaning himself entirely.  Saturday night I bathed him with a warm washcloth.

By Sunday he had stopped retching, and started eating and drinking again.  I thought maybe we were over the hump.

So I didn’t take him in on Monday.

Tuesday morning at 6:00am, Varmint called up the stairs, “MOM!  Gracie puked in my closet!”

I knew we would be at the vet that day.

Dr. Simmons is a nice lady, and seemed a competent veterinarian.  We talked about the possibilities.  Considered our options.  Discussed finances.

We did the x-ray.  We did the bloodwork.

And then she sent us on our way.

Getting a professional to confirm that your cat is fine…..$200.00.

The look of gratitude on your daughter’s face for spending her Christmas Gift Money on her cat….PRICELESS.

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