~ Tiddly Winks ~

We had not seen my Captain for the better part of two weeks, and his home-coming was sweet, indeed.  We celebrated with home-made Chicken Pot Pie, and a hearty dose of story-telling at the table, and then we started our bedtime routine, which usually consists of baths, jammies, books or drawing, and then snuggles/cuddletime in bed.

This night, however, Critter pulled out and dusted off the box of Tiddly Winks.  He started playing quietly on the floor by himself, as My Captain watched him from the comfort of his lazy-boy wing-back chair.

At least, he did until he felt compelled to test his own luck with the ‘ol game of his childhood memories.  There is an unwritten challenge in Tiddly Winks, that defies age or logic.  No one likes to be beaten by that damn plastic disc.

And that is how I found them:

Completely absorbed in trying to get the little colored plastic discs into the winning circle.

They’d still be there to this day if it weren’t for the Buzz-Kill that is Mama.

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