~ Hike-us Interruptus ~

We were hiking to the Hidden Lake, excitement for what lay ahead pounding in each heartbeat.

Well…. it was either excitement, or I was going into A-Fib again….

Critter sprinted ahead, My Captain walked briskly not far behind, followed by sweet Varmint.

And I?  I slowly limped along, alone, way, way in the back.  Like, so way far in the back that we eventually lost sight of each other.

It’s ok, though, I had the mountain goats to keep me company.

When I caught up with them, I found them in a fit of giggles.

What’s up?  Why the giggles?  Shouldn’t you be whining by now about how long and tedious hiking is?

“Mom!  The rest of the path is closed!”



Let me get this straight…they are giggling because there are bears ahead?

I don’t get it.  Are they laughing because they don’t have to walk any farther, or are they laughing because the thought of a fierce predator in the vicinity makes them so scared they’re giddy?

The answer doesn’t really matter, because either way you slice it, I’m the one with the excruciatingly slow-paced limp. They had no worries of potential predators…..

I was their bear bait.

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