~ Cutco Knives ~

My Captain’s oldest friend, Ty, has cost us a lot of money recently.  One of his college-aged daughters, Kelly, is selling Cutco Knives door to door for the summer.  Initially I thought, “UGH. That would be a pain in the butt summer job!”  But I have to hand it to her, she is raking it in, buddy!

She called and asked if she could come give us her presentation, and that there was no obligation to buy anything.

$400.00 later, Kelly walked out, with a smile on her face, and an orderform with my name on it.

Here is the kicker….My Captain is the reason we spent the money.  Had he not been home, had he not been at the kitchen table when Kelly gave us her spiel, we probably would have gotten by with a $50.00 pair of kitchen shears or something.

But he was there.

He kept saying, “Honey, you need good knives.  I’ve been wanting to get you good knives.  As much as you cook, you need good knives!”

But I think what was also going on his head was, “This is a perfect opportunity to stick it to my best friend, Ty.  Whatever I spend on Kelly, he will have to top!  Bwhaaahahahahahahahahah!”  And then there would have been a giddy little boy giggle gleefully rattling around in his brain.

And as if those factors working against my cheap Scottish blood wasn’t enough, I also made the mistake of comparing the Cutco sample knives to my present KitchenAid knives.  Before Kelly had dropped in, I was content….blissfully ignorant of the crappiness of my cutlery.

But after I got a chance to fondle the Cutco Knives, I became miserable, disgusted with what I had. I began to wonder how on earth I had managed to cut anything before.

It’s the American Way, ain’t it?  To not be content with what we already have?  To constantly want more, even though what we have sustains us adequately?

I have to tell you, though, ever since Kelly delivered my order, I love ’em.  I’m chopping and dicing and slicing everything so finely that I’m making chewing redundant in our house. Yep, I sure do love my Cutco Knives.

But I am ever so grateful that Ty only has four kids.

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6 thoughts on “~ Cutco Knives ~

  1. Anonymous

    I have that same $400 set…I love my knives and have had them for 13 years..I love them so much I even travel with them to the beach, because I now know, The Beach..as lovely as it is never has a sharp knife.. Cutco is amazingly, the best purchase I have ever made! Enjoy yours and your Kitchen Magic will never be the same…They even make food tast better, I dare say…and Cooking a breeze.I even broke one cutting Watermelon and they replaced it immediately…..I am currious, How much did Ty spend???lol

  2. I have a $400 set too… It is the best investment I ever made.. Even broke one several years after having them and Cutco replaced them right away…They make dicing and slicing so easy, but you must be very careful.. I have chopped and sliced my finger at times.. and OUCH! I hope your Kitchen Magic will be a future of Fun times…and the scissors can cut pennies…Oh Wow!..have fun with them..

  3. Anonymous

    I need her to come here – I love them – and need a couple of new ones!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Years and years ago I got sucked into listening to a presentation…and bought one, big, expensive one with cerrated (spelling?) blade. Good at the time and still good, over 20+ years later — my favorite knife in the drawer.

  5. Kelly

    you forgot to incorporate “planned obsolescence”

  6. Jerry

    I’ve had a set of Cutco knives for over 20 years, and my mother has had her set 1966! Best. Knives. Ever.

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