~ Cleavage ~

I prefer to wear bathing suits that are on the modest side.  And the older I get, modesty requires more and more fabric.  I’ve always been a fan of the ‘swim skirt’ style…you know, the frilly little ruffled numbers that scream, “SUMMER TIME!”.  And now, in my 40’s, and at my current heft, the swim skirts I’ve sported at the beach have, out of necessity, changed to ‘swim dresses’.

Oh they are still just cute as a button…just more so now.  Like, a yard-and-a-half more so.

And I bought this beautiful Black-and-White number for this season that has ruffles and a little flirty bit of red trim along the neckline and bottom hem.  It’s just TOO cute.

Here’s the picture from the catalog.

I put it on, accessorized with some cheeky looking red hoop earrings, and felt so pretty.

And then I looked down.


Boobies were everywhere. 

Remember, I like modesty.  I like to leave things to the imagination.  I’m not a prude, I just like people to think I’m more attractive than I really am.  If I cover it up, there’s a slight chance that I’m hiding something fantastic.  If I put it out there for all to see, well, let’s face it, 44-year-old boobs are 44-year-old boobs.  No one wants to see that.

Think tube socks with tennis balls hanging in the ends of them.  That about captures it.

But even when I had breasts to be proud of, I didn’t like to show them off.  It just felt so awkward.  That was not what I wanted to be noticed for….then or now.

I sewed the suit’s neckline up a lot higher tonight, telling myself that ‘I’m not a prude’, over and over and over again.

But I do like a little red-rimmed ruffle every now and again.


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