~ Strawberry Festival ~

The school my kids go to, Monocacy Elementary School, is in the midst of its 50th Anniversary.  We’ve been having little celebrations for it throughout the year in one form or another.

Tomorrow night we are having an Old-fashioned Strawberry Festival.  It was something that the school used to have, back in the day, and they are bringing it back to life.

I am so stinkin excited, I can’t stand it!  Why?  I love tradition!  I love small town, old-fashioned.  I love strawberries and sugar and children laughing and playing and people in straw hats and ….  you know, CAMPY.

The school lies at the foot of our county’s only ‘mountain’ named Sugarloaf.  It is beautiful and surrounded by farms and orchards and vineyards.  Idyllic doesn’t begin to describe it.

And I’m psyched because it is supposed to be not nice weather, but holy-crap-beeeauuutiful weather.

And check it out:  I was put in charge of the bake sale!  Why?  Because, DUH!, I’m the fat chick, and fat chicks know how to sell food!  Who would you rather buy cookies from: A skin and bones, I-eat-salad-all-day soccer mom, or a squishy, cushiony, jolly Mrs. Claus type of soccer mom?

Exactly.  Mrs. Claus wins.

But the bake sale is not the only thing we’re doing!  There will be a moon bounce, and strawberries and ice cream, and dinner food, and family games, and cake walks…and a ton more!  Of COURSE there will be a strawberry recipe contest and you KNOW I have to enter.  It’s a pride thing.  I just haven’t decided which recipe I am going to steal and call my own make yet.

I’ll be sure to take pictures.

If you are in the area, it starts at 6pm tomorrow night (Friday, May 18) at Monocacy Elementary School in Barnesville, Maryland.    Come and join us!

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One thought on “~ Strawberry Festival ~

  1. Anonymous

    So sorry to have to miss it – have a great recipe but can’t get it til tomorrow……

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