~ Send In The Clowns ~

I had a guy tell me today that he thinks I hide a lot of pain with my humor.

I was speechless.

How do I tell someone that the depth they are attibuting to me is false?  How do I tell them that I am really about as shallow as the urine-polluted kiddie pool at the YMCA?  What words would convey the shocking limits to my understanding?

Then it hits me. Maybe this guy NEEDS to believe there is depth.  Maybe he is so scared that the horrific lack of sensibility I display might be real, that he has to dive into denial with both feet.

I respect that.  I’m a big fan of delusionment.

So I squeezed out a tear and begged him not to tell anyone about the hidden pain deep, deep within me.

And went on about my way, cracking jokes about farts and pee-pees.

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2 thoughts on “~ Send In The Clowns ~

  1. Anonymous

    Who ever thought a person could be laughing on the outside and laughing on the INDISIDE TOO!

  2. Pam,

    First of all, in the photo on your front page, I have noticed that since you have been married, you are now starting to look much like your husband. I heard that can happen.


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