~ Helping ~

My Captain has been working a boat-load of overtime lately in an effort to meet our many bills.  He and I agree it is nobler and wiser to live ahead of the Visa bills than behind them, so we do our best to stay in the black.

That means, though, that he works a lot of extra hours.  For example, in the past 72 hours, he has worked all but 12 of them.

That is brutal.

I am so grateful to him and proud of him.

It’s a double-edged sword, though.  We miss him like the Dickens.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands and take lunch to him today.  To spend time with him. To thank him for working so hard so that mama can stay home with the kids.  And to remind him why he works so hard!

I packed him only the most delicious lunch EVER….Peppered roast beef, onions, swiss cheese, Dijon mustard, cream cheese with chives, and sharp new york cheddar on whole grain bread, added a fresh pear/strawberry/navel orange salad for the side, and finished it off with Black Cherry Greek Yogurt and Granola for desert.

Some people show their love with words.  Some with deeds.  Me, I show it with food.

But you may have already surmised that about me.

ANYWAY, Critter had brought along some of his ‘Can You Find’ books….he and My Captain enjoy solving these together.

They’ve done lots of these kinds of books together over the years.

(I think they are on to the fact that I’m taking pictures of them.)

This new seek and find book was a tough one, though, and we had some of the guys on the shift at station 23 come in to help.  There is nothing more touching than a bunch of grizzled, manly-man firefighters huddled around a 9 year old’s seek-and-find book to try to help him out.


These are the same guys who would risk their lives in a blazing inferno to save a complete and total stranger.

To them it’s all the same:


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One thought on “~ Helping ~

  1. T

    Every time I pass a fire house and every time I see a fire truck/EMS vehicle I say a prayer of thanks.

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