~ Steak in Whiskey Sauce ~

I made My Captain a Rib Eye steak in a Whiskey Cream Sauce today.  I found it in Ree Drummond’s cookbook “The Pioneer Woman Cooks”.

Usually I like her recipes, but I have a small beef (ahem) with her about her use of the term “generously” as a definable amount.

You see, I was supposed to ‘generously’ salt the meat before I seared it.  And I was also to ‘generously’ season the whiskey sauce with salt and pepper as I reduced and thickened it.

But see, if nothing else, I’m a generous person.  I may be fat, I may be stupid, I may even, on occasion, be dorky, but miserly I most emphatically am not.  I am one of the most generous-hearted persons you will ever meet.

I have to be to make up for all the rest of those deficits above.

So when I sprinkled the salt on generously, man, I SPRINKLED IT ON.  I mean, I turned that Rib-Eye steak into salt-pork steak.  And my whiskey cream sauce was so salty, I made the dead sea look diluted. (Exaggeration is like a bizillion times more interesting than understatement, don’t you agree?)

It was horrific.  I could barely eat it, and I can eat just about anything.

And My Captain, the man who puts up with so much crap from me already, didn’t complain.  I apologized profusely as we sat down to our quiet candle-lit meal.  But you know what he said?

“It’s ok.  I needed to replace my electrolytes anyways.”

I guess if I’m not famously known for my smoke-producing casseroles, maybe I’ll get known far and wide for my electrolyte-replacing steak dinners. Like a new meat-flavored Gatorade.

I’ll find my own little niche in life yet, just you wait.



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