~ Get It In Gear! ~

We needed to go!  There was no flexibility on the timing of our leaving.

My Captain gave us all the ten minute warning.  He also suggested that anyone who had to ‘go’, needed to do so now.

No one got up or stopped what they were doing.  He might have had an absent minded nod or two come his way, but otherwise there wasn’t much motivation going on.

Two minutes before we absolutely had to go, there was a mad scramble for socks and shoes.  I began barking at the kids that this was exactly why we had a ten minute warning policy!

One minute before we had to go, Varmint goes to the bathroom!  Argh!

“Honey! Why didn’t you go earlier?!”

“Because I didn’t need to then, Mom!”

My Captain is looking at his watch and his brow is starting to furrow. I hate it when it does that.

Critter is wandering aimlessly around in the yard, sort of – kind of in the direction of the car.

It’s one minute past the time we absolutely needed to go.  Varmint gets out of the bathroom, apologizing profusely.  My Captain nods and pushes her out the door, and holds it open for me.

Only to find that I wasn’t there.

I had to go to the bathroom.

I didn’t see it, but I can just imagine he looked up at the ceiling and said a few choice words.

Something along the lines of “I sure do love that gal.”



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