~ A Worrisome Trend ~

I started the day worrying about whether or not my kids would make the school bus on time.

They didn’t.

Then I worried over the laundry, and the enormous, unceasing quantity of it, and if I would ever get it done, and if, in the process, I would ruin yet another garment.

I did.

Then I worried about My Captain, who is working at the fire station today and could get hurt, maimed, or killed, as he could on any given work day.  I texted him to see if all is well and so far he’s still alive and kicking.  But then I worried that my frequent checking in on him was annoyingly distracting and maybe even insulting.

It was.

Then I took a break to check some emails and catch up on my Facebook friends, wherein I became embroiled in a community discussion about after-school care that became heated and stressful and I worried that my opinions would offend friends and neighbors.

They did.

So I went back down to the laundry and started ironing.  And while I ironed, I listened on the radio to the broadcast of the Senator Stevens Judicial Inquiry, and Department of Justice’s watchdog proceedings on ethics, specifically Henry Scheulke’s questioning, …..and that dwarfed all of my other worries completely.

Apparently the subjects of my worries are increasing in severity.  If the only direction to go is up, then I should soon be worrying on a universal, theological, spiritual level.

I think I’ll start worrying about the purpose of life and whether or not the Universe will be imploding within my children’s lifetimes.

It would, after all, be about as useful as all of the OTHER worries I’ve committed my time to today.

I need to find my “So What?” attitude, and fast!

…before the Universe implodes.

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