~ Peepers ~

Driving up Sellman Road in Dickerson, you pass Poole’s Farm.  And on Poole’s Farm is a small wetland (as in, puddle) that is filled every spring with the welcome song of Spring Peepers.  The sweet beckoning of one wee boy-frog to one wee girl-frog…times a bijillion.

Critter and Varmint and I were driving home one evening, via Sellman Road, and I lowered the windows and slowed down so we could enjoy the reptilian concert.

Critter:  “Why do they do that?”

Me: “It’s their mating call.”

Critter: “What’s a mating call?”

Me: “It’s the boy-frogs saying ‘Hubba! Hubba!’ to the girl-frogs.”

Varmint: “What is ‘Hubba! Hubba!’?”

Me, not liking the direction of this conversation: “It’s like the boy-frog is saying, ‘Hey!  I want to kiss you!’ to the girl-frog.”

Critter, laughing because he does like the direction of this conversation: “Peepers don’t kiss!”

Me: “Sure they do.”

Varmint, matter-of-factly : “Uh, no, Mom, they don’t.”

Me: “Yep.  They sure do.”

Varmint: “Mom, I’m pretty darn sure Peepers don’t kiss.”

Me: “Prove it.”


It’s good to be the Queen.

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One thought on “~ Peepers ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Last spring our new neighbors cut down all the trees that “our” peepers lived in. It was a sad, quiet spring… But they are coming back! We don’t have nearly as many as we used to, but we LOVE hearing them! There’s a marsh in front of M’s school that is FULL of ’em too – we enjoy rolling down the windows on our way by to listen too!

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