~ Done Did It ~

I finished the Poolesville St. Patty’s 5k.  My Varmint was a source of pressure, I will admit.  But regardless of how it happened, I finished it.

Oh, don’t kid yourself, I walked.

And you can also believe that I came in dead last.

But that’s ok.  I like to brag that I’m in a league of my own.

The day started out promisingly.  My Varmint and I woke up to a mostly sunny, but still romantically foggy morning.  We put on our Green St. Patty’s Day duds, and set forth to Poolesville.  I hadn’t had my coffee.  We hadn’t had breakfast.  But we did remember to fill our water bottles.   I did not put Irish Whiskey in mine, though I was sorely tempted.

Varmint was in all the colors of the Irish Flag, and looked so cheery and fresh, I was almost glad to be awake.


There was no starting gun.  It was more of a “Welp, ya’ll wanna get started?”

And off we went.

Varmint and I walked, talked, and  laughed as people passed us.  Children passed us.  Babies in strollers passed us.  It wasn’t long before we were bringing up the Rear.  Yes, with a capital “R”. Varmint and I decided to define ourselves as the “Safety Sweep” of the 5K.

We weren’t even 1/3 of the way through when the faster participants passed us on their way to the finish line.  Seriously.

But we had a good time anyways…and frankly, I wasn’t out to hurt myself.  I’m all about feeling good in my old age.

Or my 40’s.

And lets face it, if I die when I’m 50, I’m in my old age right now.

At the parking lot after the event was over, the serious athletes drank Gatorade to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes.

I took Motrin.  800 Milligrams.

Varmint patted my shoulder as if to say, “It’s ok, Mom.  I love you no matter how pathetic you are.”  She’s a good kid.

I guess if I were to sum up the whole experience, it would be this:


And no, I’m not telling you where it had to go.


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One thought on “~ Done Did It ~

  1. good for you for finishing!

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