~ Campy ~

This was the most wonderful day.  What a relaxing Sunday.  We slept in.  We went to church…our first time at Poolesville Presbyterian.  Pastor Williams is a pleasure to listen to!  Then we went to Subway, and drove down to the Barnesville Train Station for a picnic and science experiment.  Well….we called it a science experiment…what it really was, was boy time/girl time.

My Captain and Critter put a couple dozen coins on the tracks by the boarding platform and waited for a train to come smoosh them.  Talk about cheap entertainment.

But apparently My Captain used to do this when he was Critter’s age, and this was some kind of trip down memory lane…of a time when there was not nearly as much weight on his shoulders as there is now.

Of a time when disposable time was much more readily available, and there were not nearly as many distractions from the simple pleasures in life.

I am not sure which boy enjoyed it more today.  I love this shot.  I call it “Following In His Footsteps.”

And Varmint and I sat on the picnic blanket and watched the boys

….and talked girl talk and decided that we needed to do this more often.

She didn’t want it to end.

And neither did I.  I love this shot.  I call it “Mom, Take The Dang Picture Already.”

I know, I know, it was totally campy.

And I’m ok with that.

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2 thoughts on “~ Campy ~

  1. Elizabeth Adamczak

    The boys who lived next door to us growing up used to go down to the tracks at the end of our block & squish pennies. We weren’t allowed to go – something about Grandpa being a train engineer & hearing stories of his friends losing apendages & worse… ANYWAY, we would hoard our pennies & they would come knock on our door to tell us they were going. So we would send our pennies along with them & wait breathlessly for them to return. We could hear the train down there & jump up & down in excitement – as if we were there ourselves!! LOL! Memories… BTW – Varmint is beautiful waiting for you to take that dang picture already!! =)

  2. So sorry I missed you at church yesterday. I stayed home as I wasn’t feeling well. Hope you’ll come back another Sunday.
    Looks like you had a fun low-key day….they best kind.

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