~ WHO Dresses Like That??? ~

I spent all of yesterday at home, in pink sweatpants, a grey thermal shirt with green fabric glitter paint permanently adhered to one of the cuffs ( I still can’t remember what particular craft caused that), tan Thorlo socks, Phyllis Diller hair, and my favorite, completely-stretched-out-to-the-point-that-one-would-ask-why-I-even-wear-it bra.  It was heaven.

I had nowhere to go.  I had nowhere to be. I had no one to answer to but my cats and my fish.  The cats could care less what I do, and the fish still isn’t speaking to me.

In the early evening, a couple of friends stopped by to pick up something, and I almost felt guilty for looking so…well….relaxed. (read: slovenly).  They were polite and didn’t say anything about my ‘look’.  I think that is the hallmark a good friend.

The hallmark of a great friend would be to see the slovenly garb, call a spade a spade, and say, “Niiiiice, Pam.  Pass the chips, will ya?”

I got to thinking that everyone has ‘sweats’ days.  Days where they wear whatever the hell makes them comfortable.  But no one likes to be seen being comfortable.  Why?  Why can’t we be comfortable all the time?

Ever looked at the get-ups ‘famous’ people wear?  What is the name of that incredibly obnoxious family…Kardashian…ever seen the crap they wear?  NONE of it looks comfortable.  It either looks like its 2 sizes too small (to show off their, uh, assets) or they look like they are constant wedgie givers (again, assets).  And high heel shoes that you KNOW are killing them.  And don’t get me started on the clown paint, the make up, eesh.

WHO Dresses Like That???

People who are more concerned about the image they portray than on their own comfort, that’s who. And I just don’t get it. I’m not interested in who you want me to think you are.  I am only interested in who you are.

And guess what, most people are wise enough to see past the threads.

When I see people in pink sweats, nasty old thermal tops, and Phyllis Diller hair, I assume they are comfortable enough in their own skin to let other people see them that way..  And I’m ready to be their friend, because I like to hang around unpretentious, easy-going, non-judgemental people.

Mama Boe:  Not built for speed.  Not built for Strength.  Not built for Sexy.

Built for Comfort.

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4 thoughts on “~ WHO Dresses Like That??? ~

  1. Ashley

    Well stated!!! Two thumbs up!!!

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Mondays are my “comfortable” days – that’s TODAY! My outfit matches the one you had on except that MY paint is Poke’Mon red from painting Melissa’s Poke’Mon bedroom a few years back. Oh, & I skipped the bra altogether! Hee Hee! I’m not confident like you tho. I REALLLLLLLY hope no-one comes over. If you ring my doorbell on a Monday, I will hide. I will NOT answer the door! I don’t even answer the PHONE unless it’s the school!! And Melissa knows she’s not allowed to get sick or injured at school on Mondays because I canNOT leave the house to come get her!!

  3. I really think you could have given us a picture on this one!! LOL

  4. EVFKirkpatrick

    Yes Pam, a photo would have been great! Now I have to leave everything to my imagination or just remember what I looked like on Sunday!!

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