~ In Between the Sheets ~

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they sleep. I’ve made a science out of it, really.

Guilty Conscience…lots of tossing and turning.   Sheets twisted around and around.

Relaxed….very little movement, sheets a little rumpled, but not much.

Angry….blankets crumpled, maybe even chewed at the corners.

Happy….perfectly wrinkle-free sheets.

Bedtime Snacker…..crumbs everywhere.

I look at Varmint’s bed in the morning…the one she didn’t make, but of course was going to,

And I think she’s probably doing ok.  There’s a little bit of sheet movement, but no horrible twisting or anything.  I’m thinking she probably has a fairly guilt-free conscience, has a little bit of worry, and needs to eat less crackers in bed.

Other than the fact that she didn’t make her bed, I’m pleased with what this shows me.

Now then, Critter…..

I don’t even know where to start.

The sheets are off the bed entirely.  They are completely inside out.  It looks like there was a World Wide Wrestling match going on in here.   Of course, with Critter, that’s entirely possible.  He could have even used part of the bed as a turnbuckle.

How disturbing is it that a 44 year old middle of the road full-time mom knows what a turnbuckle is?

I think my son has just created a new bedlinen category.  The WWW Sleeper.  What does it indicate?  Energy.  And waaaaaaaayyyyyy tooooo much of it.  He’ll be an Ironman Champion one day.

An Ironman Champion with no sheets.

So, what do your bed linens look like in the morning?

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