~ Fish Belly ~

He’s got no shame.  He’s all about savoring the moment.

Fully, and Whole-heartedly.

Unabashedly and unapologetically.

Repetitively and Redundantly. (See what I did there?  A little grammatical humor….)

He had the warm rays of the sun, the softness of the carpet, and the sweet quietness of a cottage who’s crazy kids were away at school.  He took full advantage of the situation and was thoroughly in heaven.

He’s got no modesty.

Look, I don’t begrudge him his moment of relaxation.  Not at all.  But the thing that irks me, or makes me rather jealous, is the fact that his big ol’ tuna fish belly:

FLOPS over and no one has a problem with it.  I mean, he is on his back, but his stomach is on its side…   People who see him like this just want to pet him and run their fingers through his soft flabby furry belly.

But this does not transfer over to humans.  I mean, I have the same phenomenon happen with my belly, but no one is rushing over to rub mine.  No one is remarking about how cute my flabby gut is.

Why is this?

Well, I don’t know why it is, but I do know what it is.

Discrimination, pure and simple.

I would wish better from my fellow humans.  You guys are worthier than that.  Try a little harder to be fair and equitable, people.

So the next time I’m sprawled and splayed out on the floor with my belly flopping over to the side, I expect someone to come over and rub it, dammit.

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2 thoughts on “~ Fish Belly ~

  1. captainvixen

    You DO KNOW that everyone who reads this is not going to RUB YOUR belly just like they did when you were pregnant. Be carefull of what you ask for! 😉

  2. captainvixen

    BAH..TYPO.. that was suppose to be.. IS GOING TO RUB YOUR …

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