~ Brains the Size of a Walnut ~

So you’ve seen the trashcan My Captain made me.  And of course, several of you were astute enough to notice (and question) the smaller trash can right next to it?  What gives?

What?  Doesn’t everyone have a couple of trashcans in their kitchen? It’s the newest rage.  Trashcan choices.  Not feeling square today?  Use the round one.

And what’s with the paint job?  Who painted that?  Ray Charles?

Oh, I get it.  It’s your recycling can or something.


You keep your onions and potatoes in it?


You won’t believe this, but My Captain is not the only one around here who can think outside the box. I’m so outside the box, I didn’t even know there was a box.

You see, the cats exhibited a wayward behavior, very early on, wherein they would help themselves to any and all catfood that might be around.  Bag or no bag.  They had no compunction about ripping right into their Super-Expensive-Organic-Free-Range-Eco-Friendly cat food bag.  And they didn’t give two beans about the mess they left when doing it.

So we bought a little metal trash can and I crackle painted it with a $3.00 can o’ paint I bought on clearance at Michaels….Red on Yellow (my kitchen colors, fortunately). I felt so gosh darn Martha Stewart, I should be insider trading or in jail or something.

And I filled it with the Super-Expensive-Organic-Free-Range-Eco-Friendly catfood, and added sweet little metal scoop.

So now, I just scoop what I need with no worry that our little non-mouse-catching furballs can help themselves and scatter everything all over creation.

I feel so smug because I’ve outwitted my cats.  Yes, I know, I know, cats have brains the size of a walnut.  But if any of you have ever been belittled by a condescending feline, you understand my extreme gratification in this.  I excel in so little at life, I have to take any nuggets of accomplishment I can get.

Of course, they punish me daily by not allowing me into my other trashcan.

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3 thoughts on “~ Brains the Size of a Walnut ~

  1. Jane Chapman

    Don’t look now but you are probably being lulled into a sense of false security by Moose and Gracie…..don’t ever forget that cats have staff….unlike dogs…..just ask Peaches, who wants to go in and out at least ten times a morning while I am reading the paper === and who gets up and lets him in and out? It ain’t Sophie!

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak

    No WONDER Gracie has taken up residence on your OTHER trash can! This way he can keep an eye on the more important can & not miss out on any of it’s openings. Plus, “You trap my stuff, I’ll trap yours – you can no longer get in here!”

  3. Martha Stewart! LOVE IT!!

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