~ Stomp Rocket! ~

Santa brought Critter a great toy. It was a very thoughtful toy for an active 9 year old boy.

One that could be used outside.

One that would require muscles and exercise.

One that keeps getting stuck in the @#%!@#$%!@%# trees.

Its called a Stomp Rocket.  Aptly named, you stomp on an air bladder (snort! She said ‘Bladder’!) and it propells a plastic ‘rocket’ into the air.  The harder you stomp, the farther and higher it flies.

Critter loves his Stomp Rocket.




Yes!  I did it! I did it!  Right in the Poplar Tree!  Woooo Hoooo!

(It falls out on its own from the 50′ poplar tree, and he reloads.)

Hey! Mom!  I have a great idea!  If it happens again, you go get the ladder and I’ll get the rocket out, ok?




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4 thoughts on “~ Stomp Rocket! ~

  1. Susie

    Mini G needs one of those!! Except ours will probably get stuck on the roof since we have no tall trees yet 🙂

  2. Pete Suver

    Best. Kid’s. Toy. Ever.

  3. EVFKirkpatrick

    Noel would LOVE this!!

  4. We loved the stomp rocket. And had the exact same problem! haha

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