~ Grease ~

Last Friday night Critter and Varmint’s elementary school had an old fashioned Sock Hop.  It was awesome!

My mom made Varmint an honest to goodness Poodle Skirt.  And she wore the collared white shirt and cardigan sweater to go with it.  The scarf around her pony tail completed the picture.

Critter slicked his hair back, sported black pants and a white t-shirt and looked every bit of John Travolta in Grease as you can imagine.  All he was missing was the cigarettes in the sleeve.

I wore a skirt and cardigan and flats, and My Captain wore jeans, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket.

We were the 50’s family through and through.  We Rocked It!

There were crafts, a bake sale, balloon decorations, and a DJ with 50’s music and current music.  We had the funky lights on.  We had kids running and laughing everywhere.  It was So Americana, I lapped up every minute of it.

A couple of songs into the dance, the DJ said the parents HAD to get on the dance floor.  So My Captain and I joined Varmint and her friends. (Critter was throwing paper airplanes at the other end of the gym at that point.)   The song was “Twist and Shout.”  And baby, we did!  Oh we were twisting and grooving and bending and swaying.  And the girls were alternating between copying us and mocking us.  I know for certain that Varmint was embarrassed to be related to me.

About 1 minute into the song, I was ready to stop.  I was out of breath, hot, and my knees hurt.  Plus, I was out of new moves.  I had exhausted all of my dance moves in less than a minute.

I wish I was exaggerating.

But I didn’t quit!  I am sure I was sagging, flagging and any other ‘agging that would apply, but I hung in there.  You would have been so proud of me.

When the song wrapped up, the DJ called out the two best student winners.  And then they called out the two best parent winners….and it was My Captain and me!  We each won a Big Hershey’s bar!  I was so glad I stuck it out!  Had I known it was for a Hershey’s bar, I would have REALLY put on a show!

I spent the rest of the evening helping other parents sell cupcakes, pizza and pop, and watching the kids dance. I fixed the paper airplanes of several first graders who didn’t care to dance.

And I learned that all the dance moves these days are learned from Wii’s Just Dance.

Hey, don’t judge…its no worse than the Twist.

My Captain and I won dance prizes, AND I embarrassed my kids all in one night.  Talk about a win-win evening.

Life is good.

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4 thoughts on “~ Grease ~

  1. Jane Chapman

    I am in whoops!!! We didn’t twist and shout in the 50’s, Pam….we did the two step and waltzed and stuff…..

    Other than that….good for you and the Captain!!! Wish I could have seen it!!

    Now about Perry Como…….chuckles

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Bust a gut??

  3. Lori Plaz

    What happened to the baby blue?

  4. Don

    Jane, I was in high school in the 50’s and remember rather fast dancing of some sort!!

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