~ To The Moon and Back ~

I’ve got to lose weight.  Several doctors have told me this recently.  Personally, I think it’s a conspiracy.  They’re trying to keep the big girls down because we’re so dagnab loveable; they need some way to even out the playing field for the poor skinny ladies.  Oh yes, I am on to them.  But, I’ll just go along with it, if it makes them happy.

So I’ll try to diminish my impressive stature.  (Sounds very grand of me, eh?)

Eating less?  Of course.  Sprinkling Sensa on my food?  Yes.  Staying away from simple carbs as much as possible?  You bet.  Exercising? …….. Exercising? ……. Exercising?  (Crickets chirping.)

I don’t want to.

I figure like any other machine, my body is only good for so many miles.  Why would I want to hurry the end along?

My family is not in agreement with this particular philosophy.

Picture My Captain, grabbing me by the scruff of the neck and forcing me on a death march today while barking,  “You Vill Valk until you drop!”.  And he then he jabs me in the hiney with an electric cattle prod.   And cracks the whip.   And pokes me in my back fat.  (He has a lot of hands.)

Critter and Varmint, in an effort to support this plan of  ‘reducing Mama Boe’, came along, and we re-named it a ‘family hike.’   From our house, we traipsed 1.5 miles downhill to a nearby train station, looked around for flattened pennies, and then we crawled 1.5 miles back up-freaking-hill.  Why couldn’t we live on the low ground?  Who was the genius who put the cottage uphill?

People just don’t think, I tell you.

It’s a good thing my babies came along, because they provided me distraction from the pain in my knees, hips, back, and neck.  (The neck, from having its scruff yanked.)  Each in their own way. Gwen with her witty banter, and by linking her arm through mine so I could not bolt back to the house.  (Oh THAT is funny!  Can you imagine me bolting?  Bwaaahahahahahahhahahahaha!  hic.)

Critter brought his Ranger Rick binoculars to study anything he could get his focus to work on.  (That’s not much with a Ranger Rick set of Binoculars.)

Then he spied the moon…. in a beautiful crescent….in the afternoon….in a perfectly blue sky….on a sunny day.   The kids thought this was MARVELOUS!  It stopped Critter in his tracks….(for which I sent up a prayer of thanks for the respite.)  And I watched my baby in his moment of wonder.

My heart melted.  All pain faded into the background.  It left a warm fuzzy feeling in me about the whole experience.

Later on, back home, after I flopped down on the couch, I promised them I would exercise again…. if we could all be together like that every time.  I figure I’m safe with that promise.  Getting this motley crew out all at the same time is a difficult as me walking away from a plate of warm cinnamon rolls.  It’s not likely to happen.

So, I’ve got that going for me.

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3 thoughts on “~ To The Moon and Back ~

  1. I love your post! I love that your young’un found the beautiful crescent moon in a flawless sky! Great pic! And, I definitely agree with you on the exercise thing… I don’t do new year’s resolutions… but promised my doctor in December that I would exercise…. I do not like going to the gym. I’ve been content to have a membership at the Y for months now with little to no visits on my part. Obviously not very smart financially, but neither is my monthly payment for cable for an HD TV when I have a busted picture tube TV (not HD) in my basement that I rarely visit! Nor do I put in the exercise videos! But… I hired a personal trainer… she’s got to be 70! I didn’t want to start with someone too intimidating. But even at 70 she can be intimidating. She also wants to help me eat better…. as if a diet of ice cream and chocolate with every meal is a bad thing! But… I told her one thing at a time… I met with her for the first time last week and it went fine. And, she gave me some ideas for exercises and weights that will help with my cycling… like I’m supposed to go back out and do another 30… 60… 100 mile bike event! Hmmm…. Why does it seem that those who exercise like this aren’t the crazy ones and we’re the sane ones?! But… I have felt better this past week or two… dang it!!

    I’ll join you at the ice cream place in Poolesville next time I come up… after Leslie makes both of us hike Sugarloaf mountain!! She’s a great motivator… Think cattle prod with her too! 🙂

    Friends in the joy (aka misery) of exercise! We are gonna have great glutes!! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth Adamczak

    Awww!! He still looks so little in that picture! I imagine the “big birthday boy” & realize – he’s not so big! Let him stay little a while longer! (And OFF the record – I’m TOTALLY with you on the exercise thing! HATE IT!!! If I could get my family to go walking with me, like, EVER, I might enjoy that a LITTLE bit more than “regular” exercise!)

  3. Carolyn

    Are we living a twin life ’cause that’s me and my family!!!!! hahaha
    My family is active, and I used to be, but now that I’m out of shape I am happy to stay at home in all its comforts.
    Alas, my family is persistent, and active(!), and so I get pulled along for ‘family time’ and it’s good for me while I puff along . . behind them.. . as they talk ahead and have a fabulous time.
    I love this time with them because we rarely get to do things together anymore; we are so busy, we have sports and responsibilities and school and goodness gracious things we’ve volunteered to do. It is during the family time — while I’m coming face to face with my growing frailty, or if I’m just honest, lack of fitness, and wondering if I really want to confront my now growing lack of ability– that I hear the innermost thoughts of my children being shared with their parents (Greg & I) and we actually get to talk. Exercise disguised as family time is one of the very best ways I’ve found for our family to be together.
    Thank you for reminding me. [She writes from her comfy chair where she spent all of today’s beautiful Spring like weather in. Well, I did feed the birds. =) ]

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