~ (Pamela) Jane’s Addiction ~

ATTENTION:  The following is not a paid advertisement.  In no way am I related to the people in the story below.  I am not sleeping with any of the people in the story below. (No, wait, strike that.  I do sleep with my husband.) I have no hidden agenda by posting this.

My Captain took me to Alexander’s Restaurant (in Buckeystown) tonight, at my persistent pleading.  Brunch last Sunday, with the bacon! bacon! bacon! bacon!, was still so good in my memories, that I was dying to try out something from the dinner menu.

I’ll get straight to the point.  I’m rapidly becoming addicted to this Chef’s food.  My Captain and I discussed the possibility of us eating our way through the entire menu.  It might take a month or so, but we are willing to commit to the cause.  And we’d like a free appetizer out of it if we actually succeed.

Let me tell you what I started out with!  Oh LAWDY!  Fried Green Tomatoes with Pickled Corn and Cherry Tomato Salad with Shrimp.

I’m not going to lie to you, I made some inappropriate moaning noises while I ate this.  And not quietly.  My Captain continued to eat his appetizer unfazed….a lesser man would have been embarrassed.  He just kept right on enjoying his Flying Dog’s Winter Ale with his Low Country She Crab Soup.  Maybe that was distracting him from the moaning going on across the table from him.  We’ll never know.

Our next course was …oh. my. golly.  Fantastic.  I had the Low Country Shrimp in Cream Sauce, with Benton’s Bacon, Roasted Peppers, and served over the worlds creamiest grits.  Ever.

I inhaled it.

I have no picture to show you because, well, I inhaled it.

My Captain ordered the Beer Brined Center Cut Pork Chop, served with Sweet Onion-Bacon Chutney.  He gave me a small bite. And I mean small.  As in Miserly.  As in he wasn’t sharing at all worth mentioning.  He must have missed that particular day in kindergarten.

Oh wait!  I forgot to mention the Biscuits and Molasses Butter that were served upon our arrival to the table.  There is a secret ingredient in the butter that I know, but I’m not telling you!  If you want to know, you’ll have to go suck up to Chef Smallwood yourself.  I’m not your lacky!

And My Captain had another Winter Ale.  It seemed appropriate with the Beer and Pork Product Theme we had going on.

Desert? You ask?  Holy Mother of God, Yes!  Homemade Carmelized Pineapple Ice Cream, thank you kindly.  There was no air injected into this bad boy…it was full on heavy cream.  My arteries are 80% occluded just from the few bites My Captain allowed me. And yes, it went well with the Flying Dog Winter Ale as well, according to him.

We asked Chef Chris Smallwood if we could take a picture of him.  He’s a little shy.  But he agreed, reluctantly.  This is the Chef looking professional and talented:

And this is the Chef when we asked him to take off his shirt:

(Just Kidding.)

He’s a super nice guy. Down to earth. A true master of mixing flavors…and I’m not kidding about that.

So go! Go to Alexanders in Buckeystown.  Go this weekend, for sure.  If you’re a man, your woman will love you for it.  And if you are a woman, make him think its his idea, and then love him for it.

Hey, I’m just a facilitator.  You still gotta do the work yourself.


Mama Boe

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3 thoughts on “~ (Pamela) Jane’s Addiction ~

  1. Victoria "mizamigo"

    You seriously need to think about getting paid for endorsements. Or how about a job at the local paper as you being the phantom diner and reviewing restaurants? Wouldn’t that be a fun job??? And when we visit Maryland next time, you WILL take us to this restaurant…

  2. EVFKirkpatrick

    This is definitely going on my list of “go to” places!! Everything sounds wonderful, too. Was the Captain’s pork chop accompanied by some type of scalloped potatoes and green beans? It’s difficult to tell from the photo. I’m so sorry you didn’t take a photo of the Low Country Shrimp with grits — I’ll just imagine how it looks. Just the thought makes my mouth water . . . . .

  3. Jane Chapman

    I should have gone with you!! The debate wasn’t worth it!~

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