~ Gratitudes ~

He always fills my gas tank if he drives my car.

He takes the trash out to the curb if he’s home on trash night.

He is the fixer of all broken toys.

He is the battery-putter-inner of all toys.

He always makes the bed if he is the last one out.

He always lays on my side of the bed to warm it up until I get in.

He always gets me Motrin if I mention I have a headache.  And makes me take it. Period.

He holds me when I cry.

He loves me regardless of how much my body fails me.

He warms my hands when they are cold.

He wears a tux without complaint when the occasion warrants it.  And takes my breath away.

He loves my children.  Always.  No matter what.

He loves his children.  Always.  No matter what.

He loves his parents so well.

He worries about whether or not he helps his parents out enough.

He worries about whether or not he helps my mother out enough.

He bandages all our wounds.

He loves my cooking, no matter what.

He drives me everywhere like I was his princess.

It pains him to be late to meet his friends. He doesn’t like to put people out.

He is unfailingly loyal.

He works like a dog to provide for us.

He always makes me catch my breath when I see him.  Every. Time.

He cares for his shift.  He really cares about them.  Quietly.

He never stops trying to make ‘Us’ succeed.

He likes to walk the kids down to the school bus when he’s home.

He knows how I like my coffee.

I love the way he says ‘Good Morning’.

He is the Darcy to my Elizabeth.

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5 thoughts on “~ Gratitudes ~

  1. Ashley

    Both of you are lucky to have each other…

  2. lucky lucky lady – don’t ever take it for granted!

  3. Jane Chapman

    Pam, that was purely beautiful!!!!! Good for you!!! And good for Troy too!

  4. EVFKirkpatrick

    This is the sweetest of sweet Pam. I was going to ask if Troy has a brother, but I better not!! Boo.

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