~ Turbo Rum Balls Recipe ~

Rum Ball Recipe, as requested by several.

And those of you who think you DON’T need it, you do.  We all do.

I tweaked this according to my tastes and sobriety, not necessarily in that order:

In a cuisinart, or blender, place the following:
Golden Graham Cereal
Graham Crackers
Brown Sugar
Powdered Sugar
Pumpkin pie spice

and then proceed to crush and pulverize the crap out of it.  You want it fine…very very fine.  Like soft sand.

To that, add:
Light Karo Syrup
Maple Syrup
Vanilla extract
Butter flavoring (found right next to vanilla at the store)
and 151 Rum

Add only enough of the wet ingredients to make a moist dough that sticks to itself.  Something kneadable, but not mushy.  You’ll have to do your tasting at the point.  Start little and add as you go.  You can always add.  It’s a lot harder to suck it out if you have added too much.  But you CAN add more dry ingredients if you have made it too wet.  No worries, mates.

Put the whole mass in a bowl, cover it with plastic wrap directly on the dough.  You don’t want the moisture to evaporate (re: the RUM).  Refrigerate this baby.

When it hard enough to handle, roll tablespoonfulls into your hand, dip in powdered sugar that has been heavily laced with pumpkin pie spice, and then put in a mini-cupcake paper liner.

When people ask me for quantities of ingredients, I have to admit I never measure.  It’s just not something I’ve ever felt the need to waste my time on.  That is why we have tastebuds, you see.   Taste your concoction as you make it.  Trust your instincts, luke! Go with the force! You can’t mess it up.  Look at the ingredients!  Any one ingredient on that list could stand up on its own.

With my blessings, The Queen of Lack of Discipline, Mama Boe

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